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10 Pets You Won’t Believe Actually Exist

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From a two-headed snake to a cat that looks like an alien, we count ten pets you won’t believe actually exist! 10 – Two-Headed Snake, • In 2016, an Australian reptile breeder got more than he bargained for when one of his eggs hatched a two-headed python! He called the two heads ‘Katana’ and ‘Wakizashi’, but his daughter prefers to call them ‘the Twin Destroyer’. • Twin Destroyer looks like an ordinary snake until the body splits at the neck, becoming two fully formed heads.

The deformity was caused when the yolks failed to split correctly. • This phenomenon is so rare that a living two-headed snake can sell for $50,000. But this breeder was so fond of his little mutant reptile that he kept it as a pet. So far it’s going well, but he is worried the two heads may try to eat each other… 9 – Fashion Modelling Squirrel, • In the 1940s, one squirrel took the fashion world by storm. His name was Tommy Tucker and he belonged to a woman named Zaidee Bullis. Zaidee had no children so she devoted all of her time to Tommy, bringing him with her wherever she went. The two were often seen together at church and at the local shopping mall. • Tommy had filled the squirrel-shaped hole in Zaidee’s heart. She loved to dress him in tiny specially made outfits – mostly dresses because, according to Zaidee, his tail interfered with pants. • A fashion photographer from Life magazine heard their story and invited them to take part in a shoot. Tommy had just one demand: a swimming pool filled with acorns. 8 – World’s Largest Dog, • Although often mistaken for a small horse, Zeus is actually a dog – the largest one in the world, to be more specific! • This enormous Great Dane was the beloved pet of Kevin and Denise Doorlag.

When up on his hind legs, Zeus measured almost seven and a half feet. Naturally, a creature that big needs a lot of fuel – and Zeus managed to put away thirty pounds of dog food every day! That’s a lot of dog poo… • Zeus sadly died in 2014 just before his fifth birthday. He’s greatly missed by the friends he made as a therapy dog and is remembered as a gentle giant. 7 – House Hippo, • This next pet drinks ten litres of coffee every day and is so heavy she has broken her owner’s bed three times! Her name is Jessica, and she’s an 800-pound hippo! • As a baby Jessica washed up on the shore of a ranger’s home and a severe flood. She was underweight and looking close to death, but now, seven years later, Jessica is looking fit and healthy – as far as hippos go! • She spends her days sleeping, drinking coffee from a bottle and getting soothing massages. Definitely livin’ the hippo dream. 6 – Two-Legged Boxer, • Nope, that’s not Photoshop trickery; this is Duncan Lou Who, the amazing two-legged Boxer. Duncan was born with life-threatening birth defects. Rather than put him down, his adoptive owner chose to remove his hind legs.

• Duncan was given wheelchairs to get around, but the proud pooch refused to use them. Instead he taught himself how to balance on his front legs and now gets around quite comfortably! • Duncan’s amazing spirit has inspired people all over the world. After a lot of trial and error, he’s learned incredible things like how to retrieve his own bowl and climb stairs! I’d say that deserves a Scooby snack. 5 – Pig the Dog, • Next we have another adorable internet sensation: Pig the dog. Despite her name, Pig is all dog. In fact, DNA tests have revealed she’s a mix of nine different breeds. • As you can see, Pig was born with an unusually short spine.

Sadly, spinal defects can prevent a dog’s organs from functioning properly because their regular-sized insides become cramped in a body that’s shorter than it should be. • Fortunately, this isn’t the case with Pig. For now, she’s happy and healthy – although her owners are worried about the potential health issues that could await her if she gets any bigger. 4 – Largest Goldfish, • Fishermen love to exaggerate about the size of their latest catch, but when eighty-three-year-old Ada Shaw says her goldfish is the largest in the world it’s safe to believe her. Goldie the goldfish is almost sixteen inches long from head to tail and weighs more than two pounds. • Ada picked Goldie up from a pet shop for only ninety-nine pence.

She definitely got her money’s worth. Ada insists she doesn’t overfeed Goldie, but is very particular about how she cares for him. She feeds him twice every day, always at the same time, and carefully controls how much light he gets. She also talks to him for hours, telling long-winded stories from her childhood. • All this has kept Goldie alive for an incredible fifteen years – five years longer than an average goldfish’s lifespan. 3 – Muscle Dog, • Whippets are a dog breed known for being lean and sleek. But clearly Wendy here didn’t get the memo. Even her muscles have muscles! Thanks to a genetic birth defect Wendy’s head, legs, heart and lungs are twice the size they should be, leaving her looking like a canine version of the Incredible Hulk. • Although she looks like she’d beat you up and steal your lunch money, Wendy’s owner insists she’s a total sweetheart. Whippets are bred for hunting but Wendy would rather take naps on her owner’s bed and chase her friends around their large property. • Sadly, her bad genes mean she probably won’t live as long as a regular whippet.

But it’s all not all bad – she can definitely beat any regular whippet in an arm wrestle. 2 – Alien Cat, • We all love cats – even if some act like they’re from another planet! One kitty seems like she might return to the mother ship any day now – Matilda, the alien cat! • As you can see Matilda’s defining features are her huge glassy eyes. Veterinarian staff first thought she had feline leukaemia, but it turned out to be a mysterious eye condition that she shared with her siblings.

Her lenses have detached, making her completely blind, but her owners decided not to put her through any risky, invasive surgeries. • Fortunately, Matilda experiences no pain and gets to order her servant humans around every day. She also really enjoys life as an Instagram celebrity. 1 – The Fattest Dog, • Social media fans will remember this disturbing viral sensation. For everyone else, meet Obie, the 77-pound Dachshund who couldn’t walk because his belly literally hung lower than his little legs.

• Obie’s original owners were an elderly couple who overfed him to the point of near-death. Fortunately animal welfare staff saw the disturbing online images and intervened. Obie was quickly adopted by new owners, who gave him lots of love – and some much-needed diet and exercise! • Obie is now fifty pounds lighter and has more energy than ever! He enjoys digging holes and going for runs along the beach. For his next dream, Obie wants to be a calendar model. You can do it, Obie! Okay guys, new question for you. What’s the cringiest thing you ever said as a kid that now regret? Let us know in the reddit page linked below and you might featured in a future countdown.

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