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pet memorial gifts

[amnr src=’’] Today we are going to show you this beautiful pet keepsake box. Which is nicely done, it’s a beautiful piece where you can keep obviously all your memories. …Your best friend I should say. On the front of this box you’ll see on your left hand side, the picture frame. Which you add the picture of your pet And on the your right-hand side here you’ll see that there is an area where you will have the impression. …of your pets feet(paw). Which I thought was very interesting to talk about. On the top, right here, we personalized this box in a very nice way. …Have their pet name, the pets name and then a very personal message to remember, or reminded you of your best friend. So let me just show the inside of this box, so you can see the features of this particular item. On the top you have this kind of wood tray, which you can store either pictures or some documents, or whatever you’d like.

It’s a pretty thin area, so you can’t store to much in it, but you can do some pictures and all that. And the way this package comes, the materials for the impression, which is the feet impression of your pet and all the other stuff that you need to that. And it comes with all the instructions; how to do it, and it’s very simple and it’s a safe for your pet. You don’t have to at least worry about that, and it creates a really nice memories. And the box itself, let me just show you the inside, which is pretty good size. And then you can obviously inside see there is a place where you can change the picture and add the picture right here. It is very easy. And then here is the tray where you’re going to add the pets impression, feet (paw) impression.

Okay, this is the tray. And then it goes right in very easily done, so here goes everything back in the box. And… I’m going to show you around the box, so you can see how the backside of this box looks. It’s pretty nice and heavy piece – here it goes. And then this the top where the personalized is, as you can see it. Really nice beautiful gift if you want to give it out to either family or friend that just lost their pet, or they just got a pet Whatever the reason maybe it is a really nice way of cheering up someone. Thank you so much again.

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